WTC NOIDA – The New International Address of NCR

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A complex that emerged from a distinguished mix of ideas and ideologies generated from India’s first and largest global architectural design competition, has today become a landmark of prosperity in the changing climate of commerce.

WTC Noida is the new international address of the National Capital Region!

A key project of the World Trade Center Association, this next iconic destination represents the globally renowned association that expedites business acumen, all over the world.
Capitalizing on the advantages of a global power brand – WTCA, WTC Noidainherits a network of 327 World Trade Centers, in 91 countries and connects 1 million businesses across the globe.
This enables members of WTC Noida to participate in the reciprocity program and utilize the services and facilities of World Trade Centers. These services include access to temporary office space and meeting facilities, matchmaking services and discounts to local hotels, educational and networking events.
WTC Noida is in a unique position to facilitate beneficial link-ups that result in mutual growth for its members!

Spread across an area of 42 acres, WTC Noida is strategically situated in a location with an edge –Tech Zone of Greater Noida.
A major part of the total area of WTC Noida is dedicated to office spaces, while the rest is distributed amongst-, residential, retail and recreational facilities.
Its 22distinct state-of-the-art, futuristic building blocks facilitate an ecosystem revolving around a holistic ‘work + life’ balanced approach, complementing the ever-expanding magnitude of business volumes and human growth.

Meeting the rising demands of the world of commerce, the project easily accessible by every significant touchpoint of Delhi NCR has experienced high demand and has resulted in 100% occupancy from Day 1, with the world’s 5th largest mobile phone manufacturer – VIVO dominating the clientele list.

WTC Noida meets high international standards in more ways than one. Conscious about setting a precedent pertaining to ecological causes, WTC Noida is a development based on principles which promote mindful consumption, minimizes wastage and promotes recycling – an environmentally responsible and ecologically way of building.
With fire and life safety as a top priority, the project is well equipped with integrated support facilities and prepared against unwanted incidents.
Well-planned at all levels, the entire complex is meticulously built, ensuring scalable & flexible variation of spaces.

In a landmark achievement, WTC Noida has joined hands with the Government of Uttar Pradesh to establish a Mobile Open Exchange Zone (MOX).
The foundation stone of Mobile Open Exchange Zone, at WTC Noida, has been laid by Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi himself.
MOX strategizes to transform the same into a focused mobile ecosystem, benefitting the infrastructure and service providers of the region.
Along with driving demand, MOX is sure to provide an environment with a high ROI for investors.
Attracting domestic and foreign investments as well as promoting logistical and social infrastructural developments, MOX will also further the interests of companies as well as the citizens alike.

With the Government of India and the ecosystem of WTC coming together to promote the environment of business through the MOX Zone, the possibilities at WTC Noida are certainly limitless!



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